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When purchasing Negro Leagues items such as caps, jerseys and shirts, there are some important things to know that will help you distinguish between different types and styles. Please take note of these descriptive terms.

AUTHENTIC REPLICA: Apparel made to resemble almost exactly the historic look and feel of items worn by teams of the past. They feature historically accurate team colors. These are true "throwback" jerseys and caps.

REPLICA: Apparel which features simple designs with historic logos, but MAY NOT always resemble the same look and feel of the historic caps. Often, these feature a modern look with new colors. These are "throwback" styled items.

RETRO LOGO: Apparel of various styles featuring one of several logos designed by the NLBM to celebrate prominent teams and historic events. These are new, modern logos and are the most popular styles.

FASHION: Apparel that is totally modern in look, colors and feel, which celebrate Negro Leagues history. Although the designs are not historic, the teams represented are.

Of all many teams that played in the Negro Leagues, licensed companies have primarily focused on 20-25 of the most prominent teams in the largest urban areas. This often depends on availabilty of information on a team and marketability. 20 teams are featured in the retro logo line created by the museum.

In addition to the team logos, the museum has created logos to commemmorate the names of the league structures. We have also, over the years, created special logos marking anniversaries or for special events and programs.

WHY DID THE NLBM CREATE THESE LOGOS? Teams from the Negro Leagues did have signature styles of insignia or writing that became part of there traditional uniforms, but teams often changed these styles and none ever officially registered trademarks. The museum, in the early 1990s, wanted bring attention back to these teams, and used the "spirit of the past" to inspire the look and feel.

It is, again, important to note that these are all official trademarks owned by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Inc. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. The NLBM vigoursly protects its trademarks.

Sizing your fitted caps:
Please know your hat size when buying fitted caps. If you don't know your size, please refer to the chart below. Grab a tailor's tape measure and and fit it around your head, just above your ears. Then match the inches to the chart. (All sizes approximate)

Head Size=Cap Size
21 7/8" = Size 6 7/8
22" = Size 7
22 3/8" = Size 7 1/8
22 3/4" = Size 7 1/4
23 1/8" = Size 7 3/8
23 1/2" = Size 7 1/2
23 7/8" = Size 7 5/8
24" = Size 7 3/4

Sizing your Jerseys, Jackets, and Shirts:
Most Museum Store clothing items are based on ADULT MEN'S SIZES. Use the following chart as a rough estimate of clothing sizes. (All sizes approximate)

Small--S(Size 34-36)
Medium--M(Size 38-40)
Large--L(Size 42-44)
Extra Large--XL (Size 46-48)
Double Extra Large--2XL (Size 50-52)
Triple Extra Large--3XL (Size 54-56)

Some items are available in sizes up to 8XL, but through special orders only. Please call the NLBM for more details.