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Traveling exhibit programs

Although the museum thrives in Kansas City, the demand for Negro Leagues history is international.  Thus, the museum has crafted a number of exhibits to take the history beyond its main gallery and explore diverse themes within the story of black baseball.  For venues seeking to host the exhibits, the museum can also offer:


* List of speakers for public programs

*Bibliographies and film list for public programs

*Wide variety of Negro Leagues products for resale


Please contact the museum for more information:


Dr. Raymond Doswell, Vice President of Curatorial Services

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Inc.

1616 East 18th Street

Kansas City, MO 64108

(816) 221-1920 ext. 232

(816) 221-8424 FAX



The following is a description of all the traveling exhibits currently available through the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  All dates listed are periods available for exhibit rental.  When making a request, please think of 2-3 possible dates for hosting the exhibit and provide as much venue information as possible.

SHADES OF GREATNESS: Art Inspired by Negro Leagues Baseball

Shades of Greatness is the first collaborative art exhibition inspired by the history of Negro Leagues Baseball. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) developed this exhibition to reveal a new understanding of this fascinating subject.

The NLBM drafted a select group of local and national artists and gave them a detailed orientation to Negro Leagues history. Shades of Greatness is the final result of their research and creativity. Close to 35 pieces of original art is now part of the museum collection.

The NLBM has crafted a traveling exhibition of these works beginning in 2004. However, prints of selected works will be made available in the Extra Inning Museum Store at the NLBM. Proceeds from the sale of prints and from the traveling exhibit will benefit Project reTrace youth art initiatives.


Minimum space requirement: 2,000-2,500 square feet. Requires ample wall space to hang paintings

Security/Environmental Requirements: High level of security required in a gallery space with filtered lighting and climate controls

Minimum reservation time: 8 Weeks (extended booking times available for additional fee)

Delivery time: 7-10 days between venues

Set up time: 2-3 days

Cost: $10,000/8 weeks + pro rated shipping

Features: 2,000 4-color "Scorecard" brochures

Please call for additional bookings.

DISCOVER GREATNESS: An Illustrated History of the Negro Baseball Leagues

Since 1993, this exhibit has traveled nationally to help bring the rich history of black baseball to hundreds of people outside of Kansas City. Discover Greatness features close to 90-framed photographs showcasing the history of African-American Baseball from the late 1800s-1960s. The exhibit is divided into 5 sections:

*Pre-1900: The Beginnings of Black Baseball
*1901-1919: The Great Independents
*1920-1931: A League of Their Own
*1932-1946: Heyday
*1947: The Color Line Falls

Exhibit also includes video on the museum, pennants, replica  posters.

Dates scheduled:

Please call for booking dates.