NLBM Launches Negro Leagues 101

On the 101st Anniversary of the birth of the Negro Leagues, the NLBM announced plans to launch “Negro Leagues 101,” a national introduction to the Negro Leagues which not only celebrates the milestone anniversary but also adopts the spirit of a collegiate level 101 course from the standpoint that it is being designed for students of all ages and the general public to participate without any prerequisites.

“I don’t think there ever was a time that people didn’t want to know about the history of the Negro Leagues,” said Bob Kendrick, NLBM President. “They just simply had no way to know about this rich history because it has never been fully documented in the pages of American History books. Our goal is to provide even greater access to this incredible piece of baseball and Americana,” Kendrick said.

Negro Leagues 101 will include a series of programs, lectures, events along with a bevy of exciting virtual learning experiences that includes a virtual tour of the NLBM developed in partnership with Microsoft; two virtual reality projects, one in partnership with KaiXR and the Kauffman Foundation and another being developed by Professor Derek Ham at North Carolina State University.