STEP "Up To Bat"... Detroit Stars


This month, the Detroit Stars are Up to Bat, Here’s the pitch

Did You Know?…

  • Duration: 1919-1931, 1933, 1937
  • Affiliations: Independent (1919), Negro National League (1920-1931, 1933), Negro American League (1937)
  • The team was organized in 1919 by none other than Rube Foster.
  • Throughout the 1920’s, the Detroit Stars were extremely successful and well-known around the league as a team not to be taken lightly.
    • The team never won any titles or world championships, but they frequently had winning seasons and won smaller, local championships. 
  • The Stars are famously known for producing an amazing player in Norman “Turkey” Stearns. Stearns began his career in the Negro Leagues with the Detroit Stars in 1923, and would become a future hall-of-famer throughout his career with the team. The Stars also produced many other future hall-of-famers
    • Stearns, to this day, is famous for being one of the best home run hitters in the world of baseball.
  • Like most other teams in the Negro National League, the Stars suffered due to the Great Depression, and ended their run in 1931.
    • In 1933, the Indianapolis ABC’s adopted the Detroit Stars name after moving to Detroit, but they did not last past that year. Another team called the Titus Detroit Giants had a similar story in 1937, as they, too, adopted the Stars name, but then folded within the same year.


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