The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) operates a dynamic licensing program featuring authentic marks and retro logos of the various Negro Leagues and the teams which played in them to help promote awareness of the Negro Leagues history and its impact on American society.

The NLBM has granted licenses to several companies nationally and internationally to create everything from baseball caps, jerseys, shirts, jackets, blankets, coffee mugs, and other items using the licensed marks and related properties. Many of these products are sold in the Extra Inning Museum Store and at other retail stores. These companies pay a ROYALTY, based on a percentage of their sales, to the NLBM.

Revenues from royalties paid to the NLBM help sustain its operations, continued growth, and educational programming. When buying Negro Leagues baseball merchandise, always look for the NLBM logo to insure that you are purchasing officially licensed products.

IF YOU ARE A STORE OWNER, MANAGER OR BUYER looking to stock licensed merchandise, please contact the PRESIDENT to receive the current list of licensees. 

IF YOU ARE A COMPANY WITH PRODUCT/DESIGN IDEAS and want obtain a license to use our logos, please click on the link below.